The Unmistakable Tuk Tuk

The Unmistakable Tuk Tuk

There are plenty of things that visitors to Bangkok will find to be uniquely Thai. From stunning hotels to exotic foods to colorful festivals, there are many things that speak towards the spirit of the Thai people. While there are a variety of transportation methods to be found in this capital city, none are more distinctive than the ubiquitous Thai Tuk Tuk.

As a bit of a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle, the tuk tuk can be found throughout the city of Bangkok and most can be hired as public transportation. Anyone visiting this exotic location and wishing to have a true Bangkok experience should consider taking one for a ride.

The tuk tuk can be found throughout the streets of Bangkok and is as much a part of the city as the taxis of New York. At first glance, the tuk tuk is an odd looking vehicle. With three wheels, one in the front and two in the back, this small vehicle resembles a cross between a motorcycle and a regular taxi. Tuk tuks are different from regular taxis in that they are open, without walls, but will have a roof. While they may be relatively convenient and easy to find, a tuk tuk isn’t the most comfortable ride available.

The roofs have been known to be a bit low for taller passengers and the lack of air conditioning can often be a deciding factor in the summer months. They are, however, something that should be experienced.

Modern tuk tuks are much different from their older counterparts. Once known for spewing forth thick exhaust, the modern tuk tuks are low emission vehicles made with completely modern, eco-friendly engines. Some of them have even been outfitted with all-weather sides allowing for a drier experience on wet days.

Tuk tuks generally do not have meters and anyone wishing to hire one should make sure to decide on a price for the trip beforehand. While these vehicles were once cheaper than regular taxis, the prices have gone up a bit in recent years. Visitors to Bangkok can find one of these distinctive vehicles almost anywhere and a short ride in one is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Travellers should keep in mind that they should know exactly where they’re going and should agree on a price for the trip with the driver. Riding in a tuk tuk is a unique Thai experience that everyone should do at least once.