The Mah Boon Krong Shopping Center

The Mah Boon Krong Shopping Center

Bangkok is an exotic Southeast Asian destination. It offers visitors a variety of sights and sounds that they won’t find anywhere else. While many tourists will want to visit traditional and historic locations, no trip abroad can be considered complete without a fair bit of shopping.

There are many local markets and retailers selling a number of different items but the Mah Book Krong shopping center is a veritable legend among Thai locals.

Known locally as the MBK, the Mah Boon Krong is a stylish and modern shopping center that boasts almost 90,000 square meters of shopping bliss. Visitors to the MBK will find everything from clothing to electronics at unbelievable bargain prices. Like most other malls in Bangkok, the MBK has a rather large food court that serves a variety of both Thai and international foods. Visitors weary of the Thai heat will be happy to find that the Mah Boon Krong is fully air conditioned and features plenty of entertainment venues as well.

It seems that each floor of the MBK is dedicated to a different type of store. One floor is mostly shoes and hand bags, another is all electronics, cds and dvds while the top floor houses the entertainment venues which consist of movie theaters, karaoke establishments and computer arcades. While the prospect of bargain shopping in a well air condition complex is appealing, especially in the summer, foreign visitors can save even more money. Tourists should bring their passports to the information desk where they can sign up for a special discount card which will help them save up to 30% or more over the already low prices.

Guests of the CityPoint Hotel in Bangkok will have no trouble finding their way to the Mah Boon Krong shopping center by way of public transportation. Simply exit the hotel, cross the street and wait for the 501 bus heading west, after 11 stops or about 20 minutes guests will be right there. Alternately, the MBK can also be found by taking the BTS1 train west. While its convenient location is nice and the air conditioning is very pleasant, it is the extremely low prices on such a wide selection of items that makes the Mah Boon Krong a perfect shopping destination for foreign visitors.