The Gaysorn Shopping Center, a Distinctively Upscale Experience

The Gaysorn Shopping Center, a Distinctively Upscale Experience

Bangkok is a city that offers something for everyone. From fine food to ancient history and modern nightlife, there are an endless number of ways to spend a day out of the hotel. Bangkok Shopping is one thing that this city does well and its mixture of local shops, markets and large shopping centers proves that its reputation is well deserved. While there are a number of different shopping centers in the vicinity, the Gaysorn offers a decidedly upscale and luxurious shopping experience.

The Gaysorn shopping center is a beautifully modern location that sits in the heart of the Ratchaprasong shopping district. Surrounded by other malls and smaller shops, the Gaysorn sets itself apart by catering to shoppers with exquisite, and often expensive, tastes. While it may seem, on the surface, that this mall sells the same types of products as others, the stores in the Gaysorn carry some very familiar international brand names.

The Gaysorn is a lifestyle shopping center that carries merchandise from major companies and designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci. Far from being just an upscale shopping mall, the Gaysorn takes its job seriously and even has a team of “Lifestyle Consultants” that are ready to help visitors have an enjoyable and personalized shopping experience. There are other malls nearby, some that may even offer knock offs, but anyone with a taste for true luxury should make sure to stop by the Gaysorn shopping center.

Guests staying at the Citypoint Hotel in Bangkok will have no trouble finding their way to the Gaysorn. The BTS is probably the fastest method, simply catch the train at the nearby station and take it west 3 stops. The Gaysorn can also be accessed by taking the number 513 or number 2 bus 8 stops west. Located in Bangkok’s famous shopping district, the Gaysorn is a must see destination for visitors that have a taste for the finer things in life and will not be satisfied by cheap imitations.