The Bangkok National Museum

The Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok is an exotic city that is known for quite a few things. Apart from the amazing food, dynamic nightlife and intriguing locations, Bangkok is also home to many treasures of Thailand’s past. As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the ideal place for the National Museum.

While there are plenty of historic locations and ancient sights to see throughout the city, the National Museum offers a world class collection of art and artifacts ranging from the Neolithic, or stone age, period all the way up to the present. As a calm and quiet place, the National museum is also a great place to experience the rich heritage of this nation in an environment that promotes wonder and fascination.

The building itself was built by King Rama IV to house the new national mint. Located within the Royal Palace compound, the building is very representative of the traditional Thai architectural style. King Rama V later moved the national mint to a different location allowing the Department of Fine Arts to purchase the building and convert it into the museum it is today. The convenient location of the museum, within the Palace compound, makes it easy to get to and a great addition to any trip to the Palace.

Within the museum visitors will find a number of permanent and temporary exhibits. Among the permanent exhibits are works of art by Thai artists, both antique and modern. Visitors will also be treated to a few pieces of art by both King Rama VI and His Majesty, the present King, which are elements of Thai culture which simply cannot be missed. The temporary exhibits focus on modern art from both Thai and foreign artists.

These exhibits can include paintings, sculptures, installations and more. Like any good museum, there is also a library and a wonderful gift shop.

One of the most unique elements to the city of Bangkok is the way in which the past is delicately woven into the tapestry of modern life. While visitors can see and experience elements of Bangkok’s past all throughout the city, the National Museum is a location that should be on every visitor’s itinerary.

Housing works of art form the distant past the very present, the National Museum is conveniently located and easy to get to. Anyone looking to experience the varied history of Thai culture in a calm, quiet atmosphere will find everything they want in the National Museum.