Popular Festivals in Bangkok

Popular Festivals in Bangkok

Thailand is a nation full of people who love to have fun and enjoy life. While there is something to do on almost any day, there are a few special occasions that only come around once a year. Visiting Bangkok during one of these festivals can be an exciting experience that is guaranteed to be something you won’t soon forget. Some holidays, such as Christmas, will be familiar to western visitors. Other holidays, however, are uniquely Thai and offer a special glimpse into this exotic culture. There are a few festivals through out the year but there are a few which are the most popular.

Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong is a unique holiday that happens every year, usually in the month of November. It actually falls on the night of the full moon in the 12th Lunar month, so the date changes from year to year. This is an old holiday which was originally meant to thank the water goddess for a year of abundance. Regardless of its age, this is still a very special time for Thai people and they believe it is the perfect time to symbolically float your troubles away. Participating in Loy Krathong is a wonderful way to experience the culture of Thailand and many hotels in Bangkok make special arrangements for visitors to explore this fascinating holiday.


Songkran is a very special holiday for Thai people and they will usually spend it with their families. Because of this, Bangkok will generally be less populated than usual and it can be a great time to visit. The Songkran festival can often last for a whole week. The traditional elements of it include rituals like “The Washing of the Buddha” but it also manifests in what seems like a city wide water fight. The water is actually a symbolic gesture of washing away misfortunes but, since it occurs during one of the hottest times of the year, many people like to get very enthusiastic about celebrating this holiday.


Thailand is a beautiful and unique place full of sights and sounds that you won’t soon forget. While there is something to do, see and taste almost every day, many visitors have enjoyed visiting Bangkok during one of the many festivals. There are actually a variety of different holidays and festivals relating to the varying cultures represented in Thailand but some of them are uniquely Thai. Any traveler looking for a lasting memory would be well advised to visit Bangkok during one of these holidays.