Getting to the CentralWorld Shopping Center

Getting to the CentralWorld Shopping Center

Bangkok is a city that offers almost anything someone could want from a modern city. There are plenty of historic cultural attractions but there are just as many modern and exciting shopping experiences as well. One of the most famous shopping complexes is the CentralWorld Shopping Center.

Far from being a run of the mill shopping mall, the Central World occupies 550,000 square meters of retail space making it the largest shopping destination in all of Central Bangkok.

The CentralWorld shopping center offers visitors a number of different boutique and designer clothing stores, imported food and hip modern lifestyle necessities. As visitors first set their sights on this shopping megalith they realize they are in for a unique and stylish shopping experience. The CentralWorld has 15 movie theaters, 500 stores and the largest supermarket in all of Asia. Like most other malls, the CentralWorld also has a foodcourt.

Unlike other malls, however, the food court contains about 100 restaurants offering world class Thai cuisine. Visitors will find more than just Thai food at Isetan Bangkok, which serves a decidedly Japanese customer base and sells imported groceries and an array of Japanese treats. Anyone looking to keep up with the trends and styles of the modern Thai young people can find everything they could ever want at Zen Bangkok which is a superstore that offers all of the clothing and accessories that young Thais crave.

Getting to the CentralWorld shopping center is easy. While Bangkok can sometimes be a bustling city there are always plenty of taxis, buses and trains that visitors can use to get around. Guests of Bangkok’s Boutique Hotel, the City Point Hotel, can find their way to the CentralWorld by taking the BTS1 train, the #513 bus or the #2 bus west. The ride is straight forward and only takes about 25 minutes from the hotel. While its sheer size and stylish design is enough to make the CentralWorld a true destination, it’s close proximity to the City Point Hotel makes it easy to haul a handful of shopping bags back to the hotel. Anyone looking for an amazing shopping experience in Bangkok should make sure to pay a visit to the CentralWorld Shopping Center.