Traditional Thai Massage – Ancient Medicine for a Modern Age

Traditional Thai Massage – Ancient Medicine for a Modern Age

Travelling to a foreign country can often be exhausting. With all of the different sights, attractions and landmarks to visit, a trip to Bangkok is no different. Part of the allure of Bangkok is the way it blends colorful and often ancient traditions with a rapid and modern way of life.

While Bangkok is known for being a modern city, there are also plenty of locals who practice traditional medicine. After a long day of wandering through local markets, sampling different delicacies and maybe even hitting up a few clubs, visitors can relax in quiet and comfort with a traditional Thai massage.

While most people will be familiar with one form of therapeutic massage or another, traditional Thai massage is a distinctive style that is part of traditional Thai medicine. Known as “nuat phaen boran” in Thai, this style of massage has an ancient and varied past. The traditional belief states that it was originally developed over 2,500 years ago by a man named Shivago Komarpaj who, according to some belief systems, was the personal physician to the Buddha himself. Studied as a branch of medicine, Thai massage consists of a variety of yoga like stretches which are said to realign certain parts of the body to achieve optimum health.

Contrary to some other types of traditional massage, recipients of a Thai massage will slip into some comfortable and loose fitting clothing. This special clothing is designed to allow ease of movement as the practitioner stretches and massages the patient. Many traditional practitioners will have the patient lay on a firm mattress on the floor but some modern establishments have switched over to using beds. Following a standard procedure, a true Thai massage can last upwards of two hours and promises a total body relaxation technique.

Visitors to Bangkok will find themselves at a variety of different locations. While travelling is exciting it can also be rather tiring and many travelers and locals alike will go to practitioners of traditional Thai massage to help rejuvenate and reinvigorate their bodies. Travelers weary of traditional medicine will be pleased to learn that the government regulates both traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage.

Guests of the CityPoint Hotel in Bangkok will find a practitioner at the spa located a few blocks away. As a full body regimen designed to relax and realign the body and often lasting about two hours, a traditional Thai massage can be the ideal way to unwind after a long day of new experiences.