Silence in the City

Silence in the City

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, offers an exotic destination that blends colorful tradition with the liveliness of a major modern city. As the largest urban area in all of Thailand, visitors will find an array of different sights, smells and experiences.

From world class shopping to unique festivals and exquisite cuisine, a trip to Bangkok can be a truly memorable experience. After a long day of exploring the sights, shopping and sampling the local culinary fare, most travelers will look forward to relaxing in their quiet hotel. The CityPoint Hotel, located in the heart of the city, uses double glazed windows to create a serene environment that allows visitors to rest and rejuvenate while leaving the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

Part of what draws so many visitors to Bangkok is the lively and vivacious atmosphere. There is something going on at almost any hour of the day. From a parade filled with elephants in the day to an extremely active bar and club scene at night, visitors to Bangkok can enjoy a feast for all their senses. While life in such a major city can be rather hectic at times, guests of the CityPoint Hotel will find an oasis of calming, quiet relaxation when they return to their rooms.

It’s important to stay well rested when travelling. Ignoring this necessity can easily ruin an otherwise great trip. The CityPoint Hotel understands this fact and has done everything in their power to create an environment that will help guest feel at home. Knowing that Bangkok can be a very energetic, and sometimes noisy city, they have created a setting that soothes the senses with a clean modern design and have ensured a restful night’s sleep with double glazed windows that silence even the loudest street life.

People come to Bangkok for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to sample food that can’t be found anywhere else or to witness a rich cultural heritage that spans centuries, the greatest treasure a traveler can find in a destination like this is a quiet and relaxing hotel. CityPoint has made it their mission to offer guests a thoroughly modern and affordable home for those travelling abroad. With a clean design, luxurious rain showers and double glazed windows that will even keep the noise from the New Year’s Songkran Festival outside where it belongs, guests of the CityPoint will be able to rest, revitalize and get ready for another active day of exploration.