Religion in Bangkok

Religion in Bangkok

One of the most memorable aspects of travelling abroad is the chance to experience a unique culture. Religion is one of the most dominant cultural forces in any country and it plays a big part in life in Thailand as well. Visitors to Bangkok will find a colorful and diverse cultural atmosphere and many are surprised to find that there are a number of religions practiced in the area. While most of these religions will be somewhat familiar, the way that people in Bangkok celebrate them can often be unique. Becoming familiar with the religious background of the area can be a good idea for travellers.

The majority of people in Thailand are Buddhists. This is one of the dominant religions on the planet and has spread from India, through Asia and eventually to places like America. Many people are familiar with the basic beliefs of most Buddhists but many don’t realize there is more than one variety of Buddhism. Most people in Bangkok will follow the Theravada school which is the oldest form of Buddhism in the world. This particular religion is also popular in surrounding countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Laos.

Buddhism is an important part of life in Bangkok and visitors will see expressions of it almost everywhere. While there are a number of important holidays spread throughout the year, the most recognizable expression of Thai Buddhism can be found in the architecture. Visitors will find a wealth of Buddhist temples and holy sites throughout Thailand. Their distinctive architecture, reminiscent of the traditional architecture of the surrounding area, is characterized by golden buildings with pointed roofs known as “Stupas”. Many of these sites will be open to the public and some will be home to important relics and religious symbols like statues.

While about 94% of people in Thailand are Buddhist, there are a number of other religions which help contribute to the cultural diversity of the area. The next largest religion in Thailand is Islam and is most popular in some of Thailand’s southernmost provinces. There is also a significant Christian population with most being Catholic. Visitors will also find Hindu areas as well as Sikhs and even followers of the Jewish faith. Such a wealth of different religions has contributed to the diverse and welcoming atmosphere of this exotic country and has even blended together with ancient religions to create something that is uniquely Thai.

When people visit Thailand they will be treated to a colorful and culturally diverse destination filled with magnificent expressions of local religious practices. Many of the religious festivals are very popular among tourists and the large number of richly adorned temples routinely find their way onto visitor’s itineraries. While the dominant religion of the area is Theravada Buddhism, there are adherents of many faiths which call this city home. Guests of the CityPoint hotel will have no problem finding their way to temples and festivals at any time of the year. Experiencing the colorful diversity of culture in the area can be quite memorable.