Popular Sports in Bangkok

Popular Sports in Bangkok

Sports are popular in almost every country in the world and it’s no different for Thailand. Visitors to this country will find a number of sports and activities that are very popular among the locals. While some may be a bit exotic, others will be quite familiar.

In addition to a number of popular spectator sports, visitors will also find a wealth of places where they can participate as well. With all that there is to see and do in Bangkok, it shouldn’t be surprising that sports fans will find plenty of things to keep them occupied.

One sport that has become popular in Bangkok over the past century is horse racing. This may not be the first sport that people think of when they think about Bangkok but it has quite a history. The first race track was opened on land bestowed by King Chulalongkorn. The objective was to help promote the high standard horse breeding that Thailand had developed. Horse racing has since become quite popular in the area and Thailand has gone on to compete against many other countries and has hosted a number of international racing events.

It should come as no surprise that soccer is popular in Thailand as well. As one of the most popular sports in the entire world, it’s only natural that Bangkok should have a few teams of their own. Bangkok has a few famous teams including Bangkok United, Sasana F.C. and BEC Tero. The city is also home to a number of world class football stadiums which will often host teams from other countries as well. In fact, Bangkok recently built a new stadium, called the Rajamangala Stadium which can hold an impressive 65,000 sports fans at any one time.

Thailand is also home to its own native sport called Muay Thai. This sport has a long tradition and is immensely popular in both Bangkok and Thailand over all. Sometimes called “Thai Boxing”, Muay Thai only has a passing resemblance to western boxing. With an emphasis on a number of different blows, including kicks and elbows, this is a truly intense sport for which practitioners train their entire lives.
Visitors to Bangkok should have no trouble finding a match to enjoy and are likely to be impressed by the sheer physical prowess of these fighters, many of whom started training as children.

Much like any other country, sports are immensely popular in Thailand. Visitors to Bangkok are likely to find an eclectic mixture of different sports, each with its own Thai flavor. In addition to horse racing, football and Muay Thai, locals also enjoy golf, bowling and kite flying. While there is plenty to see and do in Bangkok, visitors may find that attending a sporting event is a very memorable experience. Guests of the CityPoint hotel will find it easy to travel to any of the major stadiums and should be able to get information on upcoming events from the friendly concierge.