Insist on a Smoke Free Hotel

Insist on a Smoke Free Hotel

People are quickly becoming very health conscious. From watching what they eat to getting exercise and avoiding unhealthy habits, many people are placing their health as one of their highest priorities. While smoking was once very common and was allowed in most places, the new trend in hotels is to create a completely smoke free environment. The CityPoint Hotel, in Bangkok, is continuing their modern theme by becoming the premier smoke free hotel for visitors to Thailand.

There are plenty of reasons why a health conscious traveler should insist on staying in a smoke free hotel. One of the major reasons is that, while they may not smoke themselves, other smokers can have a very negative impact on their experience in another country. Some hotels will offer sections that are smoking and others that are not. This may seem acceptable on paper but the CityPoint understands that anyone who is disturbed by tobacco smoke will not want to be near anyone emitting these fumes.

Some hotels will simply let smokers settle into any room they may have available. The cleaning staff might do a great job and tidying up but there is little they can do to clean out the residual effects of someone smoking in a hotel room. Tobacco smoke creates many toxic compounds that can stain walls and ceilings and even embed themselves in linens and carpets. Many people are very allergic to tobacco smoke and anyone with asthma troubles will be absolutely tortured even by smoke residue. The happiness and well being of their guests is CityPoint’s greatest concern which is why they don’t allow smoking anywhere on their property.

Smoking is becoming a rare occurrence now that the health effects are truly well known. While some locations are moving to outlaw smoking in a number of public areas, smoking indoors can still be a relatively common sight in some areas. The CityPoint Hotel prides itself on offering guests a calm and relaxing environment that lets them unwind, without a care, after a long day of travel. Visitors to Bangkok now have an entirely smoke free option when it comes to accommodations. This has made it possible for people who are allergic to tobacco smoke, suffer from breathing problems or simply travelling with their children to find a clean and modern home away from home in the heart of this major city. Travelers who are concerned with their health should always insist on staying in a smoke free hotel.