Experience the Past at the Ancient City

Experience the Past at the Ancient City

Part of what makes Bangkok such an interesting vacation destination is the fact that Thailand has experienced a varied and intriguing mix of cultural influences. These differing influences have all combined together to create a unique and eclectic culture that is as visually stunning as it is culturally complex. Modern Bangkok bears little resemblance to the Thailand of a few hundred years ago, however, despite the fact that a few traditional structures still poke out from the modern skyline. The best place to experience the rich history of this portion of the world is to visit The Ancient City, Muang Borang.

The Ancient City is located just outside of Bangkok and offers visitors a wonderful chance to experience a quieter and more rural portion of Thailand. Built as a large and professionally maintained park, the Ancient City is dotted with a wonderful assortment of traditional Thai architecture and is designed to help people experience life in ancient Thailand. Much care has been taken to emulate and revive the style of traditional life and visitors are likely to find some of the most beautiful buildings they will see on their trip.

The Ancient City, known as Muang Borang by locals, is easy to get around in and can be the perfect way to spend a beautiful day outdoors. Visitors will find a number of different options for travelling through this attraction, all of which are very affordable. Younger people will often choose to walk but the bicycles and small electric vehicles which are available for rent can be a better way to see the whole park. Despite its name, this is a thoroughly modern attraction and visitors will also find a number of different chances to grab a bite to eat or pick up the perfect souvenir.

One of the reasons why The Ancient City is such a peaceful destination is that it is located about an hour outside of Bangkok. Some travellers may be a bit wary about travelling outside of the city limits but there are a few simple options for getting to Muang Borang. Many people take the nearest public bus to a small shuttle but a taxi ride from the city center to the park will only amount to a few dollars. This is a popular destination for foreigners and locals alike so travellers shouldn’t have a problem finding a driver to take them there.

Thailand is an exciting and exotic destination for a vacation. Part of what makes it such an interesting locale is the great variety of cultural influences Thailand has experienced throughout its history. One of the best ways to experience this colorful history is by planning a day trip to The Ancient City. Known as Muang Borang by locals, this beautifully maintained park contains a large number of traditional Thai structures, exhibits on Thai history and a number of different ways to get around the park. Located outside of Bangkok, this quiet and lush locale can be the perfect chance to get away from the busy city and should be included on every itinerary.