Chatuchak Weekend Market – An Authentic Bangkok Shopping Experience

Chatuchak Weekend Market – An Authentic Bangkok Shopping Experience

Bangkok is an amazing city. As the tourist hub for Thailand, it is also the country’s largest urban area. Visitors to this exotic city will find an array of sights and sounds that they won’t find anywhere else. While most visitors will be sure to sample some local cuisine and take in a few sights, no trip abroad would be complete without some truly great souvenirs. There is no more interesting, or authentic, shopping destination in all of Bangkok than the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Since it’s opening in 1982, the Chatuchak market, or simply J.J. as it is known locally, is truly a sight to behold. Most westerners are familiar with local flea markets and will often visit them regularly. Even the most seasoned flea market veteran, however, has never seen anything like this. The Chatuchak market spans an incredible 35 acres of land and contains over 5,000 individual stalls and retailers. Anyone looking for a memorable experience and a few unique souvenirs should make sure to include the market on their itinerary.

Visitors to the weekend market will find a host of different items. There are stalls that sell simple household necessities and retailers selling clothing. For those looking for something unique to bring back home, the market offers stalls that are selling authentic Thai handicrafts, collectibles and even religious artifacts.

Some travellers are often surprised to find that the market offers plenty of local food vendors and even a range of exotic live animals. The most convenient element to the market, however, is that there a number of companies that will ship souvenirs and other purchases back home so that travellers don’t have to worry about taking them back on the plane.

Most stalls in the Chatuchak market are only open on Saturdays and Sundays but week day visitors will find the western section, known as Jatujak Plaza, open for business every day. Bangkok offers visitors a number of different shopping destinations but none as unique as the Chatuchak market.

From household goods, to local crafts, religious items and even live animals, the weekend market is definitely a sight to see. Travellers who are worried about luggage will be happy to find that they can ship most of their purchases back home directly from the market. No trip to a foreign country can be considered complete without some really great souvenirs and there is no better place to find them than at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.