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Art and Beauty of Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its exotic mix of different cultures and there may be no better place to
experience this than at one of the many art galleries found throughout the city.

A Few Unique Ways to Tour Bangkok

Bangkok is an exciting and vibrant city that can be the perfect destination for a memorable vacation. There is a wealth of things to see, do and experience all throughout the city. While there are a few typical ways to tour the city, including busses and guided walking tours, there are a number of unique options as well.

Religion in Bangkok

One of the most memorable aspects of travelling abroad is the chance to experience a unique culture. Religion is one of the most dominant cultural forces in any country and it plays a big part in life in Thailand as well. (more…)

Siam Ocean World

While visitors to the city of Bangkok will hardly find themselves at a loss for things to do, adding a trip to Siam Ocean World is not something they are likely to regret. As one of the biggest aquariums in all of Asia, this destination rivals aquatic attractions found in other parts of the world.

Experience a Spectrum of Flavors

One of the best things about visiting an exotic foreign destination is the ability to experience a unique culinary style in its native atmosphere. Thailand is well known for its native food and visitors will find a plethora of different tastes and flavors to enjoy.

Experience the Past at the Ancient City

Part of what makes Bangkok such an interesting vacation destination is the fact that Thailand has experienced a varied and intriguing mix of cultural influences. These differing influences have all combined together to create a unique and eclectic culture that is as visually stunning as it is culturally complex. Modern Bangkok bears little resemblance to the Thailand of a few hundred years ago, however, despite the fact that a few traditional structures still poke out from the modern skyline. The best place to experience the rich history of this portion of the world is to visit The Ancient City, Muang Borang.

Rest and Relax in Bangkok’s Parks

Bangkok is an exotic urban destination that offers a wealth of new and exciting experiences for travellers from all over the world. Whether you’re a veteran city dweller or hail from a quieter part of the world, there are simply so many things to see and do that you may want to take a break.

Bangkok in 5 Minutes

A very talented Videographer/Photograher by the name of 3GunPictures on youtube has created a phenomenal video that gives you an overview of what Bangkok is all about. As you’ll see in the video Bangkok is pretty much a city that never sleeps, packed with adventures pretty much every where you go. Enjoy. If you enjoyed this video as much as we did and are looking for a hotel in bangkok then look no further.

Bangkok – The Capital of Thai Cuisine

Most people are familiar with a small range of Asian cuisine. Chinese cooking is easily the most common with Japanese style dishes coming in a close second. What many people don’t realize is that Thai cuisine is a unique culinary style that blends delicately prepared dishes with aromatic spices to create a mouthwatering combination which pleases all of the major senses.