Where to Party in Bangkok

People come from all over the world to visit Bangkok for a number of different reasons. Some will come on business, some for pleasure and others to experience a unique Southeast Asian way of life.

While Bangkok, the largest urban area in all of Thailand, offers visitors and locals alike an exotic blend of colorful culture and convenient modern amenities, it is also a city that knows how to party and have fun. There are a vast array of different clubs and bars to be found in this city but there are a few that really stand out from the rest and they are all just a short trip from your central Bangkok hotel.

Travellers looking for a hip and exciting nightlife need look no further than RCA. The Royal City Avenue contains a number of different clubs and bars that cater to a variety of tastes. Known for flying in international DJs, the 808 club easily boasts the largest, and loudest, sound system in all of Bangkok. Thailand is known for its mega-clubs and Inch is one of the largest. Built to hold 2,500 patrons in a sleek and modern interior, the DJs here will spin hip-hop, house and techno. With so many clubs in such close proximity it’s easy to hop from one to the other.

One of the most iconic club destinations in Thailand is found in Sukhumvit and is known as Bed Supperclub. Well known throughout Bangkok, this spacious and distinctive club is designed in an extremely clean and futuristic style. Playing house and electro music, visitors to this location will find themselves transported forwards in time where they will eat, drink and party amidst an interior that could easily be mistaken for a luxury space ship.

The exclusive restaurant, located in the club, opens its doors at 8:30pm sharp and offers only one sitting for its world class four course meal. A night at Bed Supperclub will be one to remember for a long time afterward.

Club owners in Bangkok take partying quite serious and clubbing in this modern city is truly a memorable experience. Visitors to Bangkok will be pleased to learn that many of the largest and most popular clubs offer free admission while those that charge a cover will often give out free drinks to get things rolling. Bangkok has plenty to offer, both ancient and modern, and when the sun goes down the party picks up. Partying in Bangkok is like no place else.

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