The Amphawa Floating Market – One of a Kind

One of the many reasons that Bangkok is such a hot tourist destination is that it has so many different sights and locations that are entirely unique to Thailand. With a rich and colorful cultural heritage and a unique culinary style, people come to Thailand for a once in a lifetime experience.

While Bangkok manages to bring all the best of Thailand into one convenient location, travelers will find a unique and unforgettable experience just outside of the city in Amphawa at the exotic floating market.

Located near Samut Songkhram, visitors can easily find their way to Amphawa by way of local public transportation. Amphawa is actually a quiet riverside village that is easily traversed on foot. What makes Amphawa such a popular destination for tourists and locals alike is the renowned Floating Market which is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 12:00 and 8:00 PM. Far from being an isolated event, travelers will find a buzzing, and sometimes crowded, market full of local farmers selling food and produce from their boats.

Anyone who is interested in getting a taste of truly local Thai cuisine simply can not miss the Amphawa Floating Market. Here visitors will find a variety of different locally grown food that is prepared on sight by Amphawa natives. Anyone that loves fresh seafood is in for a big treat as there are plenty of floating vendors offering clams, mussels, shrimp, squid and other varieties of local aquatic delicacies. Travelers will also find plenty of Thai sweets and a unique drink called O-liang which is a black iced coffee that can be a wonderful way to cool off. While the floating market will often be very busy, many tourists choose to hire a boat for the day and, in essence, become part of the floating market themselves.

Thailand is a truly unique and exotic location that offers visitors from all over the world a feast of different sights, sounds and tastes that they won’t find anywhere else. A trip to Amphawa to visit the Floating Market won’t take very long, when coming from your Bangkok hotel, but travelers will be able to experience Thailand in a way that few others can imagine. Amphawa is an extremely popular destination among Thai locals and is certainly something that can not be missed. When staying in Bangkok, visitors should always make time to visit the Amphawa Floating Market.

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