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Chatuchak Weekend Market – An Authentic Bangkok Shopping Experience

Bangkok is an amazing city. As the tourist hub for Thailand, it is also the country’s largest urban area. Visitors to this exotic city will find an array of sights and sounds that they won’t find anywhere else. While most visitors will be sure to sample some local cuisine and take in a few sights, no trip abroad would be complete without some truly great souvenirs. There is no more interesting, or authentic, shopping destination in all of Bangkok than the Chatuchak Weekend Market.
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Insist on a Smoke Free Hotel

People are quickly becoming very health conscious. From watching what they eat to getting exercise and avoiding unhealthy habits, many people are placing their health as one of their highest priorities. While smoking was once very common and was allowed in most places, the new trend in hotels is to create a completely smoke free environment. The CityPoint Hotel, in Bangkok, is continuing their modern theme by becoming the premier smoke free hotel for visitors to Thailand.
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A little about what you will find at the CityPoint Hotel

An Oasis of Calm in the Hustle and Bustle of Vibrant Thailand

Right in the middle of the constant rush and hurry of Bangkok, you will find an elegant jewel of calm and peace that is the CityPoint Hotel.

Style and elegance does not have to cost a fortune for the smart traveller. Situated like a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will discover that the Eco-friendly, economical CityPoint Hotel. The CityPoint Hotel is a modern reasonably priced hotel on a quiet street in the heart of Bangkok.
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