Art and Beauty of Bangkok

Art and Beauty of Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its exotic mix of different cultures and there may be no better place to
experience this than at one of the many art galleries found throughout the city.

There are a number of great galleries and each one displays a different range of art forms. Visitors to the city will find everything they could want, from work by international artists to emerging local artists and even classic Thai art. All of these galleries are easy to get to and can make a great addition to any day’s itinerary.

The National Art Gallery

When looking for art in Bangkok, there is probably no better place to start than at the National Art Gallery. Once built as a Royal Mint, this building houses a wealth of Thai art which spans the history of
the country. Many of the works date as far back as the 17th century. Visitors may also be surprised to
find works by King Rama VI and H.M. King Bhumibhol Adulyadej as well as a large collection of Thai art
influenced by western art movements. The National Art Gallery has a little something for everyone.

The Bangkok University Art Gallery

The gallery at Bangkok University is a great place for anyone interested in modern art. Many of the
works housed in this gallery are very experimental in nature and can often be quite impressive. While
most of the art being shown was created by local Thai artists, this gallery houses works by international
artists as well. This is also a wonderful place to get a taste for what’s happening in the world of
modern Thai art as many of the art on display was created by emerging artists. Any visitor who is an art
aficionado should make a stop by the BUG.

Surapon Gallery

Unlike the other two, the Surapon Gallery is a commercial gallery. This means that visitors can
experience some of the newest works by some of the most popular Thai artists and have a chance to
take one home. This two story gallery was created with the goal of making art ownership available to
the general public. It houses a diverse range of works from realistic paintings to abstract portraiture
and even ceramics. Most of the work being shown here was created by well-established Thai artists and
visitors will find some of the biggest names in the Thai art scene for sale here.

One of the many things that make Bangkok such a unique destination is its rich culture.
Scattered throughout the city, the many art galleries are a great place to experience this culture first
hand. Visitors can find a large variety of art to enjoy and even some to buy. From traditional art at the
National Gallery to experimental art at the BUG, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Guests of the
CityPoint Hotel will have no trouble finding their way to any of these great galleries. With the chance to experience some real Thai culture, these destinations are something that visitors shouldn’t miss.