Month: July 2011

The Siam Paragon Shopping Center – The Jewel of Asia

Bangkok offers visitors such a vast array of different things to do that it can be hard to narrow it all down. One thing that most travellers will be sure to do, however, is squeeze in some much needed shopping. Luckily, Bangkok is renowned as a shopping mecca and its Ratchaprasong shopping district is truly a legend. Visitors to the shopping district will find a number of smaller retailers and a host of large shopping centers. One mall that should not be missed, however, is the Siam Paragon.
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The Gaysorn Shopping Center, a Distinctively Upscale Experience

Bangkok is a city that offers something for everyone. From fine food to ancient history and modern nightlife, there are an endless number of ways to spend a day out of the hotel. Bangkok Shopping is one thing that this city does well and its mixture of local shops, markets and large shopping centers proves that its reputation is well deserved. While there are a number of different shopping centers in the vicinity, the Gaysorn offers a decidedly upscale and luxurious shopping experience.
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