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Bangkok in 5 Minutes

A very talented Videographer/Photograher by the name of 3GunPictures on youtube has created a phenomenal video that gives you an overview of what Bangkok is all about. As you’ll see in the video Bangkok is pretty much a city that never sleeps, packed with adventures pretty much every where you go. Enjoy. If you enjoyed this video as much as we did and are looking for a hotel in bangkok then look no further.

Wat Arun – One of Thailand’s Most Distinctive Landmarks

Thailand is an exotic Southeast Asian country that offers travelers a great diversity of attractions. From modern night clubs to local markets and historic landmarks, visitors to Bangkok will find a diverse range of experiences.

Getting to the CentralWorld Shopping Center

Bangkok is a city that offers almost anything someone could want from a modern city. There are plenty of historic cultural attractions but there are just as many modern and exciting shopping experiences as well. One of the most famous shopping complexes is the CentralWorld Shopping Center.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – An Authentic Bangkok Shopping Experience

Bangkok is an amazing city. As the tourist hub for Thailand, it is also the country’s largest urban area. Visitors to this exotic city will find an array of sights and sounds that they won’t find anywhere else. While most visitors will be sure to sample some local cuisine and take in a few sights, no trip abroad would be complete without some truly great souvenirs. There is no more interesting, or authentic, shopping destination in all of Bangkok than the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Traditional Thai Massage – Ancient Medicine for a Modern Age

Travelling to a foreign country can often be exhausting. With all of the different sights, attractions and landmarks to visit, a trip to Bangkok is no different. Part of the allure of Bangkok is the way it blends colorful and often ancient traditions with a rapid and modern way of life.

Insist on a Smoke Free Hotel

People are quickly becoming very health conscious. From watching what they eat to getting exercise and avoiding unhealthy habits, many people are placing their health as one of their highest priorities. While smoking was once very common and was allowed in most places, the new trend in hotels is to create a completely smoke free environment. The City Point Hotel, in Bangkok, is continuing their modern theme by becoming the premier smoke free hotel for visitors to Thailand.

Silence in the City

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, offers an exotic destination that blends colorful tradition with the liveliness of a major modern city. As the largest urban area in all of Thailand, visitors will find an array of different sights, smells and experiences.